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Shortage Fulfillment

Sourcing Hard-to-Find Parts

Having trouble finding server parts or other spare parts? Are you up to date on shortages on the products you need most? Even the best buyers and planners cannot foresee natural disasters, service spikes or many of the other obstacles waiting to slow down your supply chain. Sourcing hard-to-find parts can be extremely difficult. When a major production shortage hits, every builder and system integrator needs exactly the same things and all the normal channels seem to dry up.

What do you do?

Call Cloud Ninjas of course! Our team knows the market inside and out and we stay in tune with daily market activity. We know where supply can be found at all times, whether there is a shortage or not. Preparing for high demand situations on a daily basis is the only way to truly be ready to quickly support a critical component shortage.The market shifts constantly so react accordingly. Cloud Ninjas is an industry leader for shortage fulfillment.

Computer Parts Shortages

Are you prepared to handle shortages caused by natural disasters? Earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, monsoons, tsunamis, tornadoes, even just a high wind storm can create a technology problem.

Hard Drive Shortage in 2011

The hard drive shortage of 2011 is an extreme example, but when natural disasters like this happen, the market moves quickly to try and recover. Hard drive prices doubled and tripled overnight. Prices can fluctuate that fast.

RAM Price Spikes in 2013 & 2016

Companies were scrambling to recover after the fire at Hynix caused a RAM shortage in 2013, and again when the prices of RAM spiked mid 2016 after a combination of events. A power outage in Korea is blamed for Samsung scrapping between 30,000 and 50,000 DRAM wafers. Preceding that was an explosion of a power station in Xi’an where Samsung’s largest producer of 3D-NAND flash memory.

Be prepared for this kind of situation with Cloud Ninjas. With a lot of warehouse and lab space, we are prepared for any disaster and can provide access to parts quickly.

Time is Money

When shortages occur, finding components can be frustrating, you end up spending all day trying to find one part when there are a multitude of other tasks on your plate. Many buyers find it easier to negotiate cost savings on other lines to balance out the possible increased pricing during a shortage. Think about the administrative costs a builder spends trying to track down a part, verify and set up a vendor, process a credit screen and so forth. Let the professionals handle it. Cloud Ninjas' network is extensive and constantly active. We likely already know exactly where your hard-to-find part is located.