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iDRAC Server Licenses

Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC)

iDRAC (integrated Dell Remote Access Control) is an important component to have in your Dell PowerEdge server. This component allows for remote access and management of the network in your server. iDRAC helps in troubleshooting and system repairs, and ensures that the server is operating smoothly.
There are different versions of iDRAC licenses that fit a variety of different Dell servers, such as iDRAC 8 and iDRAC 9. These controllers are important for every enterprise, because it allows for remote access to individual servers that might be stored at a data center, giving IT technicians the ability to have insight into system failures, and fast repair options either on-site or remotely.
Advantages of iDRAC can be: power management, system failure warnings, diagnostic testing and remote shutdowns for data center maintenance.