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Secure Data Erasure

Proper data destruction is crucial. Companies must have a reliable partner who understands data sanitation processes. Cloud Ninjas handles everything in-house with our Secure Sanitation Program. We are set up to handle large-scale turnkey projects. There are several options to choose from including DoD, NIST, and NAVSO. We recommend using NIST Standards for wiping hard drives. This is the best technique currently in use, plus NIST is the safest way to securely destroy data. Cloud Ninjas offers both on-site and off-site wiping and shredding services.

Cloud Ninjas' Trade-In Program

Want to maximize your return on used servers? Cloud Ninjas buys new, refurbished, used and off-lease IT equipment. We will bid on and purchase your old IT equipment. Our team will bid on small and large lists of servers. Our team has the ability to clear out an entire data center, handle the logistics and make the entire process smooth and easy for the seller.

Hard Drive Services

Companies around the world have old and used computers that they want to dispose of, but it is important to make sure sensitive information is removed before discarding the computer. Cloud Ninjas provides a variety of services for hard drives and other storage devices including sourcing, testing, DoD wiping, shredding, flashing, sorting, grading and remarketing.

Spare Parts Management

Spare parts remain one of the most difficult areas of the supply chain to manage. Generally, companies are dealing with an abundance of small quantity lines that fluctuate at a moment's notice. At Cloud Ninjas we utilize your past data and experiences to forecast potential future demand. Historical purchases are helpful for estimating upcoming demand. Predicting service demand can be very tricky and 100% accuracy is truly impossible. Cloud Ninjas will stock on behalf of the customer for same day shipping or we can stock on-site inventory in a cage at the customer's warehouse.

Asset Recovery

Concerns such as identity theft, standards compliance, and environmental liability are increasing for most of today’s businesses. With personal financial information to confidential health records to cutting-edge product development, the information contained in business servers, desktops, and notebooks across the globe is some of the most sensitive and proprietary data used. It’s clear that properly cleaning and disposing of end-of-use computer equipment has never been more important.