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ASRock 1U4L4E-GENOA/2T Server Overview

ASRock 1U4L4E-GENOA/2T Overview

The ASRock 1U4L4E-GENOA/2T is a new robust and versatile server solution from ASRock packing the new Genoa SP5 AMD EPYC servers that is intended for businesses and data centers who need the latest quality, performance and technology. Combining cutting-edge hardware, high storage capacity, and effiecient design, this 1U rackmount server is engineered to meet high demanding needs of modern technology and software. In this post, we will dive into the important features, specifications and possible applications, that allow this new server to be an excellent choice for businesses and data centers that deal with the latest softwares and technologies such as machine learning, Artificial intelligence among other concepts.

High Storage Density in a Compact Form Factor

The ASRock 1U4L4E-GENOA/2T supports up to 4 small form factor (SFF) NVMe drives and 4 large form factors (LFF) SATA drives. The combination of NVMe and SATA storage provides a balanced approach to performance and capacity. NVMe drives are known for their high speed data transfer rated, making them ideal for applications requiring rapid access to large datasets, while SATA drives offer substantial storage capacity for less demanding workloads. However, SAS drives are also available to be used in this server but required a RAID component in order to run.

Powerful Processing Capabilities

At the core of this new ASRock 1U4L4E-GENOA/2T servers, is the new powerful AMD EPYC Genoa processors. These CPUs, built on the advcanced Zen 4 architecture and SP5 Socket, offer exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and scalability. With supprt for a high core and thread count, the AMD EPYC processors can handle intensive computational tasks, allowing this server to be suitable for a wide range of applications, such as, virtualization, artifical intelligence, machine learning, hosting, and scientific computing to name a few. In terms of memory, the ASRock 1U4L4E-GENOA/2T offers the latest DDR5 memory technology offering high speeds and high capacity levels of caching.

Dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet Ports

As networking is a crucial aspect of any server, and the ASRock 1U4L4E-GENOA/2T does not disappoint when it comes to this topic. The chassis comes with a dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) ports, providing hight speed network connectivity for data-intensive applications. The dual-port configuration ensures redundancy and load balancing, enhancing the server's reliability and performance in network-heavy workloads. Extra network card interfaces can be added by taking advantages of the extra PCIe expansion slots that can be used for network, storage and other areas of the server.

Flexibility and Expansion Capabilities

The ASRock 1U4L4E-GENOA/2T offers top of the line expadability options, allowing businesses and data centers to tailor the server to their specific needs. It features multiple PCIe5.0 slots of different sizes, which can be used to add additional network cards, storage controllers, GPUs or other expansion cards. This flexibility makes it easy to adapt the server to evolving business requirements and technological advancements.

Thermal Management Efficiency

To maintain the server performance and longevity, efficient thermal management is crucial, especially in a compact 1U form factor rackmount server. The ASRock 1U4L4E-GENOA/2T is designed with advanced cooling solutions, including high-efficiency fans and startegically placed air vents. These features ensure optimal airflow and heat dissipation, preventing thermal throttling and ensuring stable operations.

Applications and Use Cases

  • Data Centers and Cloud Providers: The ASRock 1U4L4E-GENOA/2T is an excellent option for data centers and cloud service providers seeking to maximize their compute and storage density. Its combination of high-performance NVMe and high capacity SATA storage solutions allows for efficient handling of diverse workloads, such as real-time data processing to long-term environments, ensuring fast and reliable data transfer and access.
  • virtualization and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: With the support of the AMD Genoa processors and DDR5 memory capabilities, the ASRock 1U4L4E-GENOA/2T is well-suited for virtualization and hyper-converged deployments. Virtualization environments benefits from the high core and thread count of the EPYC Genoa CPUs, fast DDR5 memory speeds, and high-capacity and fast NVMe speeds for data access and transfer, enabling efficient VM hosting and management. HCI soliutions can leverage the server's expadability and flexibility to build scalable insfrastructures.
  • Scientific Computing and Big Data Analytics: The computational power and fast storage of the ASRock 1U4L4E-GENOA/2T makes it an excellent choice for scientific computing and analytics. Scientific researchers and analysts can leverage this server's capabilities to perform complex simulations, analyze large data sets, and perform machine learning computations at a high level. The server's thermal efficiency ensures stable performance during this intensive computational tasks. Hence, the ASRock 1U4L4E-GENOA/2T is a great value asset for this branches of computer science.


ASRock 1U4L4E-GENOA/2T 1U rackmount server is a versatile and powerful solutions for any enterprise or datacenter as they are future proof, and are designed to meet a variety of modern IT environments. Its high storage density, processing capability, RAM capabalities and robust networking features make this server an excellent choice for data centers, cloud providers, and research institutions. At Cloud Ninjas we offer a great value and diverse options for you to configure your own ASRock 1U4L4E-GENOA/2T server with cheaper options. Check Out our server configurator below and start building your server with us.

ASRock 1U4L4E-GENOA/2T Server Configurator

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