Dell's PowerEdge R710 is know as the go to server for a reason. This server is extremely versatile and can produce maximum power and performance when you need it. To maximize this server's memory capibilities Cloud Ninjas recommends the 144GB (18 X 8GB) PC3-10600R memory kit.

Dell 8GB Server Memory Kit
144GB (18 X 8GB) PC3-10600R MEMORY KIT 454.50


The HP ProLiant DL360 G7 delivers what every IT consultant wants, performance and efficiency in a small amount of space. Allowing you to do more with less. The HP ProLiant DL360 G7 automatically regulates power consumption and intelligently adjust server performance based on application needs. To maximize this server's memory capibilities Cloud Ninjas recommends the 288GB (18 X 16GB) PC3-10600R memory kit.

HP 16GB Server Memory Kit
288GB (18 X 16GB) PC3-10600R MEMORY KIT 1173.60


The Dell 1950 is ideal for businesses that require high-end processing capability, but don’t have much room in their data center. This 9th generation PowerEdge provides outstanding virtualization performance and energy efficiency at an economical price, making it the ideal business server for enterprises large or small. To maximize this server's memory capability Cloud Ninjas recommends the 64GB (8 X 8GB) PC2-5300F memory kit.

Dell 8GB Server Memory Kit
64GB (8 X 8GB) PC2-5300F MEMORY KIT 140.80


The Supermicro X9DR3-LN4F+ motherboard is ideal for high-end server platforms. To maximize it's memory capibilities Cloud Ninjas recommends the 192GB (24 X 8GB) PC3-10600R memory kit.

Supermicro 8GB Motherboard Memory Kit
192GB (24 X 8GB) PC3-10600R MEMORY KIT 588.00

Dell, HP, & Supermicro Server Memory Upgrades

Cloud Ninjas specialize in new and used IT Equipment, specifically server RAM for Dell, HP and Supermicro systems. Our goal is simple. Provide affordable and reliable IT Equipment for Small to Medium Businesses. We understand companies want to focus on the core of their business, so we try to keep it quick and easy. Contact us for help buying the server memory which will be the right fit for your business. Maximize your IT Budget through Cloud Ninjas, and we will help you focus on what your system needs to adequately perform daily tasks.

We have server memory bundles sorted by the systems that they are compatable with so find your system for the best options for your server. Some of our most popular memory upgrades are Dell PowerEdge R710 memory and HP Z600 memory.

Hard Drive Services

Proper data sanitation is important.  It all begins with finding a professional, reliable partner. We provide hard drive erasure, refurbishment and destruction services. Wipe to DoD, NIST or NAVSO standards or crush with 40,000 lbs of pressure. Either way, you are protected. 

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Trade-In Program

Have old equipment laying around? Contact Cloud Ninjas to find out the value.  We provide a trade-in program so you can receive discounts on your next purchase. Email or call our Sales Ninjas today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to buying refurbished servers? Have a few questions? We can help. Companies often have lots of questions on the topic. Here are just a few of the FAQs regarding used and refurbished IT equipment.

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