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Asset Recovery

Concerns such as identity theft, standards compliance and environmental liability are increasing for most of today’s businesses. From personal financial information to confidential health records to cutting-edge product development, the information contained on business servers, desktops and notebooks across the globe is some of the most sensitive and proprietary data used. It’s clear that properly cleaning and disposing of end-of-use computer equipment has never been more important.

To protect your company’s assets and reputation, Cloud Ninjas delivers peace of mind with data security and comprehensive asset recovery services.

Key benefits of proper asset recovery include:

Refurbish first, recycle second. That is how we operate. We try to be as eco-friendly as possible especially since it is greener to refurbish than recycle due to the equipment required to recycle electronics.

Not every company requires the newest technology. Many people prefer refurbished IT equipment or spare parts because it saves significant money and still meets the same performance and reliability

Maximize ROI

Don’t settle for scrap when we can refurbish and remarket your old electronics and spare parts. Cloud Ninjas has IT partners all over the globe. We pride ourselves on knowing how to remarket your old inventory and how to provide the best possible solution to suit your needs. We will provide a quick market analysis with feedback generally within 24 hours. Let us take care of your old equipment and spare parts and provide the best return on your investment. Asset disposition is our business.


One less item on the to-do list. Logistics is handled by Cloud Ninjas. We will set up transportation to one of our facilities or a third-party logistics company. Whether it’s UPS, FedEx or a freight forwarder, Cloud Ninjas has the partners to connect with your facility. We prefer to have the equipment shrink wrapped, banded and palletized before pickup. However, we can handle this step for you, if needed. Please notify us in advance so we can factor this in from the beginning. We are a leader in asset recovery and asset disposition.

Information Security – Secure Sanitation Program

We provide multiple in-house wiping options including DoD, NIST or NAVSO. Cloud Ninjas recommends NIST wiping protocols. You also have the choice of a 1-Pass, 3-Pass or 25-pass hard drive wipes at DoD standards by quality control technicians in our secure lab. Information is power and when the wrong information gets out, major issues can crop up. Protect your sensitive data and send your old drives to Cloud Ninjas. We protect the most valuable information world wide. Our Secure Sanitation Program erases disk drives clean. Count on Cloud Ninjas for all your hard drive sanitation needs!.

Green Electronic Recycling

There is a point when a product is simply too old and outdated to be effective. It is hard to give a number of years before this will happen as it varies by commodity, make, model and demand. However, one thing is certain: eventually all electronics become broken or obsolete and as a planet, we must safely and responsibly discard all old electronics. The EPA reports 70% of toxic waste in landfills come from e-waste, which only accounts for 2% of the actual space in landfills.This is an unbelievable amount of waste that Cloud Ninjas would like to see changed. We are working towards R2 certified partnership which means an openly audited supply chain. Zero landfills. Zero waste exported. Zero incineration. Cloud Ninjas is a leader in this changing field. We refurbish or recycle all electronics we receive.