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ASRock's Performant Server: ASRock 1U12E-GENOA/2L2T 12 Bay SFF NVMe

ASRock 1U12E-GENOA/2L2T Overview

As the demands of businesses and enterprise computing continue to grow exponentially, finding a powerful, versatile, and reliable solution becomes imperative for their operations. Hence, enters the ASRock 1U12E-GENOA/2L2T 12-Bay SFF NVMe 1U rackmount server, with the latest state-of-the-art hardware parts, solely engineered to enhace data center operations or any kind of operations needed to keep your business afloat. This server combines advanced hardware with impressive scalability and resilience, making this servera great choice for managing data-intensive applications, virtual environments and large databases.

AMD EPYC Genoa 9004 Exceptional Power

Central to the ASRock 1U12E-GENOA/2L2T is the high performance AMD EPYC GENOA 9004 Series processors. Known for their exceptional perfomance, high core and thread count and power efficiency, these processors deliver extraordinary computational power, tying perfectly with complex workloads. The ASRock 1U12E-GENOA/2L2T features a maximum capacity of 96 Cores and 192 Threads of the newest CPU technology in the current market, allowing accelarated data processing, enhanced application performance and an overall productivity boost with the help of the newest DDR5 memory technology. Thus, along with one single socket SP5 CPU solutions, the ASRock 1U12E-GENOA/2L2T also offers twenty-four DIMM slots each one housing a maximum of 96GB per memory module, totaling an amazing 2304GB of ECC registered DDR5 memory power in a 24x96GB configuration with speeds of 4800MT/s.

12 Bay NVMe Storage Solution

A unique feature of the ASRock 1U12E-GENOA/2L2T is its impressive storage capabilities. Boasting 12 Hot-swappable 2.5" NVMe bays, this server offers solutions focused more on data speeds rather than data storage capacity. NVMe drives, known for their high read and write speeds, significantly reduce latency and enhance data access and transfer times. Whether managing databases, cloud storage solutions, virtual machines or extensive data analytics, the ASRock 1U12E-GENOA/2L2T ensures rapid and reliable data access.

ASRock 1U12E-GENOA/2L2T High-Performance Networking

With the rise of faster internet speeds, cloud storage solutions, hosting solutions and others, the ASRock 1U12E-GENOA/2L2T features dual 10GbE and dual 1GbE RJ45 network ports, providing high-speed connectivity and redundancy. The 10GbE ports cater to data-intensive applications, while the 1GbE ports offer additional connectivity options to the internet or even as a failover support system. Thus, this combination ensures that the server can manage large data transfers, support multiple users, and maintain high availability.

Scalable and Flexible Design

Design with scalability in mind, the ASRock 1U12E-GENOA/2L2T fits seamlessly into existing rack infrastructures with its simple 1U rack form factor, making it great for expading data centers. The 12 NVMe drives offer ample storage for growing data needs, as NVMe drives still have high room to grow in terms of speeds and capacities.

Advanced Management and Security Features

For the management and security, the ASRock 1U12E-GENOA/2L2T offers the IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) support, allowing for the system's remove monitoring and management. Thus, this enables teams of IT administrators to easily manage and troubleshoot the server from any location remotely, reducing the need for on-site access and minimizing downtime.


Overall, the ASRock 1U12E-GENOA/2L2T 12 Bay SFF NVMe server stands out as a powerhouse of performance, scalability, and reliability. With the AMD EPYC 9004 Genoa processors, a solid amount of NVMe drive bays, high-speed networking, and advanced management features, this server is meant for enterprises needing modern and future proof solutions that tackle powerful and demanding applications. At Cloud Ninjas we offer a plethora of hardware options for you to configure your own ASRock 1U12E-GENOA/2L2T with new and refurbished parts without breaking the bank. Check out our sever configurator below and start configuring your ASRock 1U12E-GENOA/2L2T!

ASRock 1U12E-GENOA/2L2T Server Configurator

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