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Hard Drive Services

Companies around the world have old and used computers that they want to dispose of, but it is important to make sure sensitive information is removed before discarding the computer. Cloud Ninjas provides a variety of services for hard drives and other storage devices including sourcing, testing, DoD wiping, shredding, flashing, sorting, grading and remarketing.

Hard Drive Service Highlights:

Hard Drive Wiping – Data Erasure

  • In-house hard drive wiping – Cloud Ninjas' Secure Sanitation Program
  • Choice of DoD, NIST or NAVSO standards
  • Offer 1-Pass, 3-Pass or 25-Pass hard drive wipe at DoD standards
  • Ability to handle large quantities
  • 24/7 secure lab – alarms and cameras
  • Quality Control technicians
  • Provide certification at end of process – per drive includes serial number, model number, date wiped, rack wiped on, technician performing duty

Hard Drive Crushing – Data Destruction

  • NSA-approved hard drive crusher
  • Capable of crushing hard drives, solid-state drives, optical drives, backup tape
  • Crushes each piece with 20,000 pounds of pressure
  • Eco-friendly recycling of the crushed hard drive scrap
  • Provide certification – list of serial numbers, weight in, weight out, technician, date and time


  • Global hard drive sourcing capabilities
  • All brands including White Label
  • New, used or recertified
  • Legacy or brand new
  • Bulk for production or small quantity for service

Hard Drive Functionality Testing

  • Visual inspection – correct P/N, relabeling, appearance, factory sealed
  • Inspect partitions, attributes and power-on hours, among others
  • Cloud Ninjas utilizes PC Doctor for different levels of drive functionality testing
  • Custom testing solutions

Hard Drive Flashing

  • Cloud Ninjas has the capability to flash hard drives
  • Ability to flash thousands of drives per day, which can be increased for projects
  • Customer will need to provide proprietary firmware
  • All proprietary utilities are stored in a 24/7 secured lab

Hard Drive Grading

  • ABC grading system
  • Diagnostic testing and visual inspection of every drive by quality technicians
  • Rate based on age, condition, appearance, power-on hours and packaging

Hard Drive Remarketing

  • Remarket both new and used
  • Retail remarketing
  • Wholesale access
  • Recertified drives
  • Stock inventory and move large volumes quickly
  • Leader in hard drive services


  • E-waste or retail returns
  • Inspect interphase, capacity and appearance
  • Determine if best option is to recycle or stock and remarket