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Secure Sanitation

Secure Data Erasure

Proper data destruction is crucial. Companies must have a reliable partner who understands data sanitation processes. Cloud Ninjas handles everything in-house with our Secure Sanitation Program. We are set up to handle large-scale turnkey projects. There are several options to choose from including DoD, NIST, and NAVSO. We recommend using NIST Standards for wiping hard drives. This is the best technique currently in use, plus NIST is the safest way to securely destroy data. Cloud Ninjas offers both on-site and off-site wiping and shredding services..

What is Data Sanitation

Data sanitation is the process of removing all traces of stored data on a memory device. Once sanitized, the device has no data stored that can be recovered, even with advanced forensic tools. Data can be sanitized with software, or with special devices used to remove the data completely, as well as by destruction of the device. Hard Disks, memory sticks, and even phones can hold sensitive information and may need to be sanitized.

Is all Data Sanitation Equal?

Common methods of sanitization include imaging (or cloning), formatting and FDISKing. These methods appear to sanitize the devices on first glance; however, research has shown that residual data remains after employing such sanitization techniques. This is why it is best to use a professional to deal with protecting your sensitive data.

Below is more information about our Secure Sanitation Program:

Hard Drive Wiping – Data Erasure

  • In-house hard drive wiping – Cloud Ninjas' secure sanitation program
  • Choice of DoD, NIST or NAVSO standards
  • 24/7 secure lab – alarms and cameras
  • Offer 1-Pass, 3-Pass or 25-Pass hard drive wipe at DoD standards
  • Ability to handle large scale projects in a timely manner
  • Quality control technicians
  • Provide certification – list of serial number, model number, date wiped, capacity and technician performing duty

Hard Drive Crushing – Data Destruction

  • NSA-approved hard drive crusher
  • Capable of crushing hard drives, solid-state drives, optical drives, backup tape
  • Crushes each piece with 20,000 pounds of pressure
  • Green recycling of the crushed hard drive scrap
  • Provide certification – list of serial numbers, weight in, weight out, technician, date and time

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