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Overview of the New ASRock 1U8S4E-GENOA/2T Servers

ASRock 1U8S4E-GENOA/2T Overview

ASRock recently came out with their new AMD EPYC based 1U rackmount servers, with top of the line technology. Thus, it stands out as a robust and versatile solution that can be compared to other server solutions from Dell, HPE, or Supermicro. This powerful server combines high-performance AMD EPYC GENOA CPUs with the latest DDR5 memory, and a plethora of storage options, making this system an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their computing infrastructure, or need a starter system that is future proof, and allows for scalability.

AMD EPYC GENOA SP5 Socket Processors

Powering the Central Processin Unit of the ASRock 1U8S4E-GENOA/2T lies the AMD EPYC 9004 GENOA processor series. These processors are built on the Zen 4 architecture, offering unparalleled performance, efficiency and scalability. With a max configuration of 96 cores and 192 threads per socket, these CPUs are designed to handle the most demanding workloads, from cloud computing, to high level of virtualization, to AI and data analytics.
The AMD EPYC 9004 GENOA series processors support the newest PCIe5.0 technology, that doubles the bandwith of its predecessor PCIe4.0, allowing for faster data transfer rates, in terms of storage and network solutions, improving the overall performance of the system; thus, being crucial to enterprises that work with heavy software such as machine learning large language models, or multiple virtual machines in one system among others.

DDR5 Memory Capabilities

Complementing the new and powerful AMD EPYC 9004 series CPUs is the support for the latest DDR5 memory technology. DDR5 memory offers signinificant improvements over the older DDR4, including higher bandwidth, power efficiency, and higher cache level capacity. The ASRock 1U8S4E-GENOA/2T supports up to 2TB of DDR5 memory across all 8 modules, and allows maximum capacity of 256GB per DIMM, which is perfect for memory-intensive applications.
With a high core count CPU and highest capacity of memory, the ASRock 1U8S4E-GENOA/2T is able to provide multiple virtual machines each with a substantial high core and thread count as well as memory capacity. It is also capable of handler heavy computational instructions with ease!

ASRock 1U8S4E-GENOA/2T Storage Options

The ASRock 1U8S4E-GENOA/2T is equipped with a versatile storage configuration that includes 12 SFF bays, 8 of which are for SATA SSDs (labeled with blue tray piece) and 4 of which (labeled in yellow tray piece) dedicated only for NVMe drives. This combination allows for flexile storage solutions that can be tailored to meet specific needs for different businesses and its applications.
The 8 SFF SATA bays provide ample storage capacity for bulk data storage rather than speeds, since SATA drives offer maximum transfer speeds of 6GB/s, helping applications such as file servers, backup solutions, and content delivery networks. SATA drives are known for their reliability and cost-effectiveness, making them the more popular choice for business consumers or individual consumers.
The 4 SFF NVMe bays, on the other hand, offer high-speed storage solutions for performance-critical applications. NVMe drives levarage the PCIe interface (PCIe4.0 for the ASRock 1U8S4E-GENOA/2T), making them perfect for applications the require quick data access and low latency, such as databases, and high frequency file transfer.

Network and Connectivity

In addition to its powerful processing, memory and storage capabilities, the ASRock 1U8S4E-GENOA/2T features robust networking and connectivity options. The server comes with two integrated Intel X550-AT2 with 10GbE speeds, providing high-speed network connectivity for data intensive applications. These ports support advanced network features such as load balancing and failover, ensuring reliable and efficient network performance.
As extras, the ASRock 1U8S4E-GENOA/2T also offers one FHHL PCIe5.0 x16 port and 2 extra PCIe5.0 x4 for M.2 NVMe drive support.

Reliability and Manageability

ASRock has designed the 1U8S4E-GENOA/2T with reliability and manageability in mind. The server features redudant power supplies, ensuring continuous operations even in the event of a power supply failure. This is crucial for nowadays businesses that work with critical applications where downtime is not an option.
The server also includes comprehensive management features, such as the IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) suppoirt, allowing for the system's remote monitoring and management. This enables teams of IT admins to easily manage and troubleshoot the server from any physical location, reducing for on sight access and minimizing downtime.


The ASRock 1U8S4E-GENOA/2T is then a powerful server and versatile solution that combines the latest AMD CPUs, DDR5 memory, and flexible storage solutions to meet the demands of modern enterprise environments. Wether you are looking to upgrade your existing infrastructure or deploy a new scalable solution, the ASRock 1U8S4E-GENOA/2T is a compelling choice and Cloud Ninjas offers a custom configurator for our users to build their own custom server. Check below and start building!

ASRock 1U8S4E-GENOA/2T Server Configurator

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