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Fun Ninja Facts

 The below are true facts about Ninjas, especially Cloud Ninjas.  You might want to read this to be safe.  Ninjas do not play around and can throw Chinese Stars without moving.

Ninjas invented the cloud.

Ninjas do not sweat.

Bullets cannot kill a ninja.

Only a ninja can kill another ninja.  Regular humans are useless.   Thus ninja will never be extinct.

Ninjas can breathe underwater.

Ninjas can change clothes in under a second.

Ninjas do not smoke. They do use smoke bombs.

Ninjas invented the internet. (Not Al Gore)

Ninjas never have to go to the bathroom.

Ninjas do not play sports.  Unless killing is a sport.

Ninjas can crush golf balls with 2 fingers, any two fingers.

Ninjas can live in your house secretly for months at a time.

Ninjas invented skateboarding.

Ninjas can remove their shadow if needed.

Go anywhere they want instantly.

Catch bullets in their teeth.

Can run 100 miles on their hands.

Train 20 hours/day starting …