Supermicro X9DRW-CF31 Memory Upgrades

Supermicro Logo Upgrading the memory to your Supermicro X9DRW-CF31 Motherboard is the quickest and least expensive way to improve the life of your server in a matter of minutes. Installing the highest capacity memory modules in each memory socket will give you optimal speed improvements.

The Supermicro X9DRW-CF31 Motherboard supports a maximum of 16 DIMM slots of DDR3 registered memory. Optimize your Supermicro X9DRW-CF31 Motherboard and make it work for you in the most powerful way by upgrading with high quality memory! Find the best RAM deal for your Supermicro X9DRW-CF31 Motherboard by choosing your desired RAM size from the list below.

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Supermicro X9DRW-CF31 Memory Specs

  • # of Slots: 16
  • Max # DIMMS: 16x32GB
  • Max GB: 512GB
  • DIMMS Supported: 1-2-4-8-16-32GB

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