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Dell PowerEdge R7425 Processor (CPU) Upgrades

Upgrade your Dell PowerEdge R7425 processor performance with the best possible CPUs in the market acceptable by the R7425. Upgrading your server's CPU can significantly enhance its performance and capacity to handle demanding software and other computer tasks. To upgrade your CPU Cloud Ninjas team advises the client to read not only our upgrade tips and specifications but also Dell's technical guide for the system, and ensure the compatibility with the motherboard you intend to use on your Dell PowerEdge R7425. Cloud Ninjas offers a variety of processors that will fit the needs of your server. If you cannot find your system, or a specific processor, contact our team for all the help you need!

Dell PowerEdge R7425 CPU processor solutions

Dell PowerEdge R7425 CPU Configuration Guide

The Dell PowerEdge R7425 is a dual AMD EPYC Processor server that offers robust capabilities. It is compatible with a range of AMD EPYC Zen 1 and Zen 2 generation series processors. These CPU series are renowned for high quality performance, combining high core count with multiple threads while maintaining energy efficiency and high performance, combining some of the newest technologies. The R7425 can support a maximum of 32 cores and 64 threads per processor. Depending on the CPU chosen the server can dynamically adjust its max turbo clock speed to up to 3.90GHz. The CPU socket on the motherboard of the Dell PowerEdge R7425 is the AMD SP3 with a 7nm processor technology architecture. The architecture these AMD processors have is the Naples Zen 1 EPYC and Rome Zen 2 EPYC Microarchitecture. Cloud Ninjas offers a variety of these processors to ensure you can upgrade your server to the best performance. Contact Cloud Ninjas for any help in finding the perfect processor for your Dell R7425, or search below for our options.

Dell PowerEdge R7425 CPU Quick Specs

  • CPU Socket:
    AMD SP3 / 7nm
  • CPU Generation:
    EPYC Zen 1 and EPYC Zen 2
  • Max CPU Cores (per processor):
    32 Cores / 64 Threads
  • Max Turbo Processor Speed:
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Cloud Ninja's Dell PowerEdge R7425 Central Processing Unit (CPU) Upgrade Tips

  • The CPU Socket the Dell PowerEdge R7425 motherboard has is AMD SP3 with a 7nm processor technology.
  • The Processor Generations are AMD EPYC Zen 1 with Naples Zen 1 EPYC micro architecture and AMD Zen 2 EPYC with Rome Zen 2 EPYC micro architecture.
  • Max CPU Cores R7425 can handle is 32 cores and 64 threads depending on the CPU selected.
  • Max CPU speed for the R7425 is 3.90GHz of turbo clock speeds depending on the CPU chosen.
  • The R7425 supports up to 2 processors. One processor can limit the full potential functionality of the server if the serverer has capacity for more than 1 processor.
  • There are 1 type of R7425 chassi: 24 Bay SFF chassi.
Dell PowerEdge R7425 AMD CPU

Dell PowerEdge R7425 Processor Upgrade Q&A

How many processors can you install on the Dell PowerEdge R7425 server?

Up to 2 CPUs can be installed in your system. However, instaling only 1 processor in certain specific servers that are compatible with more than 1 processor, can limit the functionality and performance of the system.

What Intel CPU generations are compatible with the Dell PowerEdge R7425 server?

AMD EPYC Zen 1 and Zen 2.

What is the Max turbo clocked CPU speeds supported by the Dell PowerEdge R7425 server?

3.90GHz of turbo clocking speeds.

What is the maximum CPU cores and threads the Dell PowerEdge R7425 can handle?

32 Cores with 64 threads based on the CPUs compatible with the system.

Where can I order CPUs for my Dell PowerEdge R7425 server?

Order your CPU upgrades right here on this page by finding and selecting the CPU that is right for you. If you prefer another method, then please reach out to our sales team at sales@cloudninjas.com. We are here to help.

How soon will my R7425 CPU arrive?

Orders placed before 8 am are set for same day processing. *Lead times may vary, please contact sales team for more details. Delivery times vary based on carrier and location.

What is the warranty on CPU for the R7425 server?

Cloud Ninjas offers a one-year warranty on fully tested, refurbished or new processors.