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Overview of the HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 1U Rack Server

The HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 1U Rack Server

The HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 1U rack server is a server engineered for supreme efficiency and versatility, offering an exemplary balance of performance, expandability, and manageability. This compact powerhouse is extremely well suited for a variety of server environments, raging from remote offices to large enterprises, making it a standout choice for organizations aiming to optimize their IT infrastructure.

Exceptional Performance

At the core of the HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 lies the robust Intel Xeon Scalable processor family, boasting up to 28 Cores and 56 threads per processor. This substantial core density is pivotal in handling multi-threaded applications and high-performance computing tasks effortlessly. The server's architecture is designed to enhance application performance at scale, ensuring that businesses can efficiently manage workloads that require high transaction rates such as databases and other systems.

Advanced Memory and Storage Options

Supporting up to 4TB of 2933 MT/s Load-reduced DDR4 memory, the DL360 Gen10 enhances performance for memory-bound applications. It uniquely incorporates HPE persistent memory, which is optimized to provide high level of performance for databases and computer analytics, bridging the gap between storage persistence and memory speed. Storage versatility is another strength of this server, offering a range of storage options including support for SAS, SATA SSDs, and even a chassis option for up to 10 NVMe drives that provide superior storage performance and reduced latency, ideal for businesses with the need to access large amounts of data at very quick speeds.

Unrivaled Security Features

As security in server environments is of the highest importance, and the HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 excels with its integrated "Silicon Root of Trust" technology. This security feature forms a foundational link between the hardware and firmware by ensuring that the server only boots with genuine HPE firmware verified by the hardware itself. This not only prevents unauthorized access but also helps in defending against firmware attacks, making it one of the most secure servers available in the market.

Seamless Manageability

The inclusion of the HPE iLO 5 (Integrated Lights-out 5) technology allows for out-of-band management capabilities, enabling IT administrators to manage servers remotely. This is particularly beneficial in distributed IT environments, reducing the need for on-site maintenance and allowing for easy updated and monitoring of the servers, all of which are critical for maintaining and analyzing system health and operational efficiency.

Designed for Energy Efficiency

The HPE DL360 Gen10 is objectively designed with energy conservation in mind. It includes energy-efficient power supply options and boasts an intelligent system tuning feature that adjusts system performance based on actual usage patterns. These features significantly reduce unnecessary power consumption, thereby lowering operational costs and supporting sustainability initiatives.

Ideal Use Cases

  • Virtualization: The server's high core density and extensive memory capabilities makes it an ideal platform for virtualization, as these resources can be divided into multiple concurrent virtual machines. Businesses can reduce their physical server count by consolidating multiple virtual machines onto this single server, enhancing hardware utilization and simplifying IT management.
  • Data-Intensive Applications: With fast access memory and robust storage options and solutions, the DL360 Gen10 servers a solid foundation for applications that are heavy on data-processing, such as real-time analytics and large databases.
  • High-Performance Computing: Industries that demand robust computational power, including biosciences, financial modeling, machine learning and other branches, will find the processing capability of the HPE DL360 Gen10 indispensable for complex simulations and analysis.


The HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 1U rack server is an example of what modern data centers require. It offers a blend of high efficiency, powerful performance, and robust security features that are crucial for today's demanding IT environments. For businesses looking to future-proof their server infrastructure and maximize their IT investment, the DL360 Gen10 emerges as a great choice, promising not only performance but also reliability and scalability.

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