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Exploring the Supermicro MicroCloud A+ Server AS-3015MR-H8TNR

The Supermicro MicroCloud A+ Server AS-3015MR-H8TNR

In the world of enterprise-level servers, the Supermicro MicroCloud A+ Server AS-3015MR-H8TNR stands out for its remarkable blend of power, efficiency, and scalability. This high-performance eight node server is designed to meet the rigorous demands of data centers, cloud computing environments, and other high density computing scenarios. Wits its impressive specifications and robust design, it is an ideal choice for businesses looking to upgrade their IT infrastructure.

Design and Build Quality

The Supermicro MicroCloud A+ Server AS-3015MR-H8TNR boasts as a 3U chassis that includes 8 individual nodes, each capable of housing a 2x 3.5" drives or 2x 2.5" drives with a 3.5" converter. This modular design not only enhances the server's scalability but also simplifies maintenance and upgrades. Each node operates independently, allowing for isolated rebooting and servicing without impacting the overall system performance.

Processing Power

At the core of each nodes lies a single socket AM5 (LGA-1718) supporting AMD Ryzen Zen4 7000 series processors. These processors can have up to 16 cores and 32 threads, offering substantial parallel computing power to handle intensive applications and processes. The server supports a range of CPUs from the Ryzen 7500F to the high-end Ryzen 7950X3D, with varying core counts and frequencies to cater to different performance needs.

Memory and Storage

Memory capabilities are equally impressive, with support for up to 128GB DDR5 RAM memory per node. This can be configured in ECC Unbuffered or ECC Buffered memory modules, with speeds ranging from 4000MT/s to 5200MT/s, ensuring fast and reliable data access. For storage, the server provides multiple options including SAS and SATA SSDs up to 15.36TB and HDD up to 18TB, with possible flexibility in storage configuration and optimization for speed and capacity.

Graphics and Expansion

For graphic intensive tasks, the server can be equipped with several GPU options like the NVIDIA Tesla T4 or the newer NVIDIA Ada L4, catering to range computational and rendering requirements. The inclusion of expansion slots like PCIe 5.0 x16 and PCIe 5.0 x8, further enhances the server's capability and allowing for additional network cards, GPUs and storage controllers.

Networking and Management

The networking options include dual-port 10GbE and 25GbE controllers, ensuring high speed connectivity which is essential for data center operations. Systems management is streamlined with an Out-of-Band (OOB) BIOS management license per node, facilitating remote managementa and monitoring which is crucial for maintaining system integrity and performance in large-scale deployments.

Power and Cooling

As power efficiency is critical in server environments, the AS-3015MR-H8TNR is equipped with a 2200W redundant Titanium power supply, ensuring reliable power delivery and operational efficiency. The cooling solutions are designed to keep the high performance components running within optimal temperature ranges, even under heavy loads.


The Supermicro MicroCloud A+ Server AS-3015MR-H8TNR is a powerhouse that combines advanced processing capabilities, extensive memory, storage options, and robust networking and management features. It is built to handle the demands of modern data centers, offering scalability, reliability, and performance. For businesses aiming to bolster their computing infrastructure with a versatile, high-capacity server, the Supermicro MicroCloud A+ Server AS-3015MR-H8TNR offers a compelling solution.
This server not only represents a significant step forward in terms of computing power but also underscores Supermicro's commitment to innovation and quality in building state-of-the-art server technologies. Whether for virtualization, cloud applications, or complex computational tasks, the AS-3015MR-H8TNR is designed to excel in diverse and challenging environments, making it a top choice for enteprises worldwide.

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