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ASUS RS500A-E12 Rackmount Server Overview

Exploring the ASUS RS500A-E12 Rackmount Server

As the digital landscape continues to grow at a fast pace, the need for robust, efficient, and scalable server solutions is of critical importance. The ASUS RS500A-E12 rackmount servers stand out as a powerful solution, outside of other competitors such as DELL and HPE, tailored to meet the most demanding workloads of modern businesses. This server is engineered to deliver top of the line performance, expandability, and energy efficiency, making it an ideal choice for various businesses of various sizes and applications.

Powerful Performance With The New AMD EPYC 9004 Processors

At the core of these ASUS RS500A-E12 servers is the new AMD EPYC 9004 Genoa series processors, that offer unparalleled performance with maximum capacity of 128 cores and 256 threads for these 1 processor socket servers. These servers can handle intense workloads, varying from complex data analysis to high traffic web services and event machine learning applications. These servers accept a maximum of 400W TDP for the AMD EPYC processor chosen, ensuring that even the most demanding tasks are processed efficiently with no bottlenecking when it comes to power.

Memory and Storage Capabilities

The ASUS RS500A-E12 servers excel in memory and storage capacities, featuring 24 DDR5 RAM slots that support 6TB (6144GB) of RAM memory capacity. This extensive memory capacity ensures high both high quality and performance standards for applications such as virtualization, machine learning, CRUD database applications and other memory intensive applications.

In terms of storage, the ASUS RS500A-E12 servers provide versatile options such as a 12 Bay SFF (short form factor) option containing 12 front bay 2.5" SATA/SAS/NVMe SSDs with 2 additional M.2 Gen4 NVMe drive; or a 4 bay LFF containing 4 front bay 3.5" SATA/SAS/NVMe SSD drives with an additional 2 M.2 Gen4 PCIe NVMe drives. Both these two configurations offer an extra optional 4 mid-flex bay for 3.5" SSD drives. This flexibility allows businesses to customize their storage configurations to match their specific needs, ensuring fast data access and transfer and significant storage expansion potential.

Expandability and Flexibility

These servers come designed with with 3 PCIe 5.0 expansion slots, allowing for substantial scalability. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to future proof their infrastructure in terms of network, graphical processing units, and storage controllers. The ability to install up to 2 single-slot GPU cards enhanced the server's capability to handle graphic-intensive applications and parallel processing tasks.

Network Capabilities

Network connectivity is a vital component for any server, and the ASUS RS500A-E12 servers do not disappoint. They come equipped with dual 1GbE RJ45 LAN ports and options for additional 10GbE connectivity through an OCP 3.0 network card. This ensures high-speed, reliable network connections, essential for data-intensive operations such as data transfer, and seamless communication across the network.

Energy Efficiency and Reliability

Within the ASUS RS500A-E12 designs are the inclusion of 1600W/1000W 80 PLUS titanium and platinum power supplies for the 12 Bay SFF variant of these ASUS servers, and 800W/1000W 80 PLUS platinum power supplies for the 4 Bay LFF variant, which not only ensures continuous operation but also reduce the energy consumption and operational costs. The redundant power supply configuration adds an extra layer of reliability, ensuring that the server remains operational even in the event of a power supply failure.

Security Features

With the increase of cyber security requirements and needs from enterprises of any size, robust security features are a non-negotiable concept for servers. The ASUS RS500A-E12 incorporates advanced security measures, including a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and a Platform Firmware Resilience (PFR) module. These features provide enhanced protection against firmware attacks and ensure secure system boot processes, helping the safeguard of critical data and maintaining system integrity.

Operating System Support

These server support a range of operating systems, including Windows Server 2022, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, ESXi 8.0, and RHEL 9.x. This versatility allows enterprises to deploy the server in various environments, ensuring compatibility with existing infrastructure and applications.


The ASUS RS500A-E12 rackmount servers are a comprehensive solution that is designed to meet diverse needs for modern businesses and their applications. With the powerful AMD EPYC 9004 Genoa processor series, extensive and state of the art DDR5 registered memory, and storage capabilities, extensibilities, and robust security capabilities, these servers offer a reliable and scalable platform for a wide range of applications. Whether you are running complex data analysis, dense virtualization, machine learning applications, or artificial intelligence neural networking, these ASUS RS500A-E12 servers provide the performance and flexibility needed to support any businesses objectives.

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