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Refurbished Servers vs. Used Servers

Refurbished Servers vs Used Servers – A Quick Overview

Used servers can mean many things. Some companies advertise used and refurbished servers as identical types of hardware. Used servers are generally equipment that has been set to the side and has not been thoroughly cleaned or tested. The used server purchased is normally expected to arrive in fully functioning condition. This isn't always the case with used servers.

  • There is no real testing performed before it is put on the market.
  • A technician or engineer has not inspected the system.
  • A used server is not put through stress tests or real world applications.
  • The inside is not cleaned out.
  • Usually, used servers are sold "as is" and without the ability to custom configure to your needs.

For better or worse you are getting what you pay for. The used system could come in in great condition or you could end up with an underperforming server or even missing components. Unrefurbished equipment can cost your business days of downtime and put you behind on projects while preventing you from answering your customer's needs.

What makes a server refurbished?

Refurbished servers are used servers that have been reconditioned, refurbished or recertified by IT professionals who are trained in how to completely overhaul electronic components.

  • The refurbishment or recertification process includes full burn testing of all components and a thorough cleaning of both the inside and outside of the server.
  • Even servers taken out of a clean data center environment can be filled with dust and in need of additional care.
  • Whenever you are buying used IT equipment it is always a good decision to work with a company who has an established refurbishment system. This is similar to having a mechanic look under the hood of the used car you want to purchase, which provides you with the knowledge that you are making the right investment.
  • Our team works with used IT equipment on a daily basis and we apply a proprietary refurbishment process that is a leader in the industry.
  • Once the engineers are done the servers look and function like new.

Cloud Ninjas guarantee a one-year warranty and the ability to purchase an extended warranty. All equipment sent out is backed by 100% complete quality control and that is just one reason customers continue to come back to us for their IT equipment needs.

With Cloud Ninjas you are buying peace of mind.