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Dell PowerEdge R710 Servers

Dell's R710 server from the PowerEdge line is know as the go to server for a reason. This server is extremely versatile and can produce maximum power and performance when you need it.The PowerEdge R710 has built in systems management tools and energy efficient technologies making it the perfect server for everyday applications. Because of it versatility, it can also be a virtualization beast and handle multiple VMs at a time. The Dell R710 can use up to 288GB of DDR3 RAM (up to 1333MHz), and can hold up to 18TB of interal storage. 

We offer the PowerEdge R710 in 4 Bay LFF, 6 Bay LFF, & 8 Bay SFF configurations. LFF versions take large (3.5in) drives and SFF versions take small (2.5in) drives.

Cloud Ninjas can customize your Dell PowerEdge R710 or choose from one of our Pre-Configured Servers. Dell’s 11th generation of PowerEdge servers continues to be an impressive line of enterprise servers. Used Servers In. Refurbished Servers out. Cloud Ninjas motto for clean, tested, affordable, reliable refurbished IT Equipment.

Dell Poweredge memory