Dell M610X Memory Upgrades

Dell Poweredge M610X memoryPowerEdge M610X Ram Upgrades

Upgrading the memory to your Dell PowerEdge M610X is the quickest and least expensive way to improve the life of your server in a matter of minutes. Installing the highest capacity memory modules in each memory socket will give you optimal speed improvements.

The PowerEdge M610x is an energy-efficient, optimized full-height two-socket server for virtualization and database applications. Additional manageability features make it easy to use, manage and deploy. This system has 12 memory sockets and supports DDR3 registered DIMMs. Optimize your PowerEdge M610X Server and make it work for you in the most powerful way by upgrading with high quality memory! Find the best RAM deal for your Dell PowerEdge M610X by choosing your desired RAM size from the list below.

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Dell PowerEdge M610X Memory Specs

  • # of Slots: 12
  • Max # DIMMS: 12x16GB 10600R DR
  • Max GB: 192GB 10600R DR
  • DIMMS Supported: 2-4-8-16GB

Know what you need, but not sure where to start? Contact Cloud Ninjas today to help compare your options or view the Dell PowerEdge M610X Technical Guide.